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Welcome to Shivavilas Palace Hotel

Shivavilas Palace is one the most exquisite luxury hotels near Hampi for a tryst with the bouldery ruins of the erstwhile Vijayanagara Kingdom, the village life of Anegundi and discoveries along the mighty Tungabhadra River. Retrace the steps of the royal family of Sandur to be immersed in stories of valour and pride. With the weathered monuments of the Vijayanagara Kingdom in Hampi just 40 kms from the palace and the legacy of its own rich history, this becomes of exceptional interest to history enthusiasts. Even though the two periods were distanced by a few hundred years, the overall atmosphere matches that of the glory of the empire that immortalized itself in the grandeur of splendid architecture. The 20 acres of the palace and its lush environs are open to guests who want to experience a slice of history in the vintage ambience of antiquity.